Friday, December 23, 2011

Corny, eh?

Chick flicks. What do you make of them? The ones that have loud, noisy, giggly girls but still make the girl watching the flick reach for the tissues? I’ve never been a fan of such movies. Rom-coms, at that. No way. That being said, I recently watched the movie The Holiday. A mixture of romance/comedy/drama genres. Just your regular chick flick. It basically is a movie where two girls, who have obviously had failed past relationships, swap houses and spend a fortnight away from home. And yes, they both fall in love with a local guy. The movie stars Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law. I liked the movie. A lot. The only chick flick that I have actually liked. Heh. Probably because of Jude Law. Still.
It is one of the corniest movies ever. The lines are clich├ęd. The plot is so predictable. The actors have definitely not given that good a performance, not that the roles needed any. The movie also has a fairytale-ish ending. One thing that struck me while watching the movie was when Jude Law says to Cameron Diaz that he’s in love with her. Not that he loves her, mind. That he’s in love with her. There is a difference, yes. Saying “I love you.” and “I’m in love with you.” are two totally different things. You may love someone, but are you IN love with them? No, it is not an infatuation. That is something else all together.
I have a host of excellent movies that I’d love to recommend. For now, The Holiday should do. Nice movie. Go watch it.

Friday, December 2, 2011

The sea and Pondicherry

There are very few things that feel ethereal for me. Being agnostic in nature, that’s saying something. There is only one thing that even remotely makes me feel there’s something ‘godly’ of sorts - the vast ocean. The one place that I find this feeling to be most is at Pondicherry. I first visited the place when I was nine or ten of age. I fell in love with the place. I felt something that I’d never felt before. I was literally in awe of the sea. I’d been to various beaches before, yes. But there was something about this small town with French elements scattered here and there that grabbed the attention of my ever wandering mind.

The charm of the place lies in its plainness. The French part of the town is much different from the other parts. The roads here are narrow, short and tiled. The houses are structured differently. The smell of the sea in the air can’t be missed. The humidity, the sun, the wind - all of it just right. The seashore is barricaded by large, black boulders. Sitting on one of those and staring out at the sea all day is what I went for the last time. I took time off from work, from my family, from everything. The waves hitting the lower rocks, the white frothy water receding just as the next wave comes in... The best part is the sound of the sea. The morning blue-green waters to the dark ones during the night, the sound of the waves as they come crashing on the rocks, the wind bellowing, everything is just enthralling. No other place with the sea brings out such a feeling in me. There's something about Pondicherry...

To travel by oneself is something that everyone must do. It is a truly amazing and fulfilling experience. You are at peace with yourself. For me, Pondicherry is the getaway place.

Visit the place. For what it is.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Do we ever really?

Every post of mine in the recent times seems to promise regular writing. Hasn't happened yet. And as usual, I was going through some earlier posts of mine and I yet again observed that I'm pretty much the same, even now. My thoughts, beliefs, ideas, perception, outlook, everything still remain the same, albeit a little more evolved. Change is surely a constant. But do we, as people, as individuals, ever really change? I think not. We adapt, yes. I see my blog's tagline and it amazes me a little that I came up with that years ago. Am I giving myself lesser credit? I don't know. I never cease to amaze myself, I guess. Heh.

So, do we ever really change?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The days go slow...

It becomes a bit difficult when there are way too many thoughts running on your mind to be able to type them out in a coherent manner. Looks like I just need a push to start off. I thought of writing movie reviews since I seem to be doing that a lot in my head and not voicing them out much. But then I decided against it. Though, you may see an occasional line or two, or maybe a paragraph on a flick now and then. I was just glancing at my blog and my, I started out nearly 4 years ago!I cannot believe it. Long way, that. In more ways than one. I finished college, did a bit of SEO and then freelanced for a while, oh, and I grew up (air quotes!), and now, here I am. Back to my blog.

W00t for that!

Well, the days sure go slow... Apparently into a void.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The generations

I entered middle school listening to Backstreet Boys and Boyzone. I still remember sneaking to the hall and watching Nick Carter in the video of Quit playing games with my heart over my Aunt’s shoulder. My kid sister, now, starts jumping about to Coldplay’s Lost and Alanis Morissette’s Ironic.

What can you say? The changing generations. Also, the BSB were way cooler and a hell lot better than the Bieber kid.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

And then there were...

I just feel it's about time I give up the mourning and start blogging. Well, grieving more like.

I think I'll do just that.

The name of the blog - Rustic. I was just remembering why I chose it. I guess whatever I put in here, is rustic in a way. My writing is in no way flowery or laced with elegance. It's just basically me.

The few who've read this blog since long know this, I expect.
Anyway, here's to something better, hereon.