Sunday, November 6, 2011

Do we ever really?

Every post of mine in the recent times seems to promise regular writing. Hasn't happened yet. And as usual, I was going through some earlier posts of mine and I yet again observed that I'm pretty much the same, even now. My thoughts, beliefs, ideas, perception, outlook, everything still remain the same, albeit a little more evolved. Change is surely a constant. But do we, as people, as individuals, ever really change? I think not. We adapt, yes. I see my blog's tagline and it amazes me a little that I came up with that years ago. Am I giving myself lesser credit? I don't know. I never cease to amaze myself, I guess. Heh.

So, do we ever really change?

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Cognoscis said...

We definitely change. More so when we are growing up. Thats the time when we develop our belief-system and adopt some morals and values to match it. After that its only small changes that take place over the time. These will mostly be subconscious and affecting your behaviour in a way that you cannot notice nor your friends. But if someone meets you after a long time they will be able to observe these changes. But if there are any major incidents in life that have substantial emotional consequences then these will bring about sudden noticeable changes in our behaviour. Of course we will try hard to fight these changes and stick to our earlier belief system that is time tested for us. But it can easily go the other way too