Saturday, February 23, 2008


Wonder La.


Just an entry to keep reminding myself of the wonderful and hilarious time we had there.


Thursday, February 14, 2008


College life. If you were to give it a single name, or rather, describe it with an adjective, what would it be? I cant think of any. :| I’ve met an assortment of people, portraying different personas in my degree college. Here are a few of ‘em. Mind, they are in no particular order.

Libby - Sits right in the front, right beside the door. Handy for a quick escape. She’s ok. :P

- Juvenile.

Febina - One of the first girls who spoke to me. I still remember her extending out her hand and introducing herself. Now, every other time she sees me, gives me a hug and a peck on my check.

- Innocent, apparently.

Aditya - Sits next to the window. Not so handy for a quick escape. Thinks I dominate him, like whatever that means. :|

- Bah!

Elluru - Shilpa. She likes swapping “buzz”. Tags Bisha like, forever.

- Vulnerable.

Bisha - Another front bencher. A real funny girl. Loves to have fun. Plays "Mamma" for us sometimes. =))

- Double juvenile.

Shubham - A nice guy.Tries to be real funny. Succeeds a few times. But I like him. Period. He and Ankit share a flat, where I hope to cook sometime. =)

- Irritable, but likable also.

Ankit - Labeled as the “Class Flirt”. A real nice guy. Always a ready smile on his face. Aids Shubham on his spree of irritating us all.

- Funny.

Smitha - One girl who’s quite hard to understand. ‘Nough said.

- Perplexing.

Pandu - Oye Pandu! :D A guy who minds his stuff. I forget that bag of his. :D And yeah, a great dancer!!! =))

- Oye!

Akshay - The CR. I emphasize that a lot.. and a lot of times. :P Vibes, is what I get. *shudders*

- Quiet.

Soumya - Another of my good friends. Keeps reminding me to wear my shades. Er.. my spectacles. :P :|

- Trusty.

Viju - Sticks to the point. I like that.

- :)

Barsha - Dresses like a tomboy. Might even be one. I do like her, though. :)

- Friendly enough.

Priya - :D Speaks out. Bunks every other math class. Bah! Bunks every other class.

- Nice. =))

Shalu - A really really quiet girl. Shhh.. don’t talk. I cant hear her talking.

- An ideal student.

Mishra - Ashwani. Plays a lot of pranks on the others. I call him by his surname. Be wary of your cell phone!

- Mishra bhai! :)

Aakash - Known him for more than 2 years now. We don’t talk about our different pasts.

- A not-lost friend.

Ramya - I want to be as tall as her! :( A girl who shares my thoughts, most of the time, anyway.

- Tall!!!

Kishen - A sportsman. Like, into sports.

- Umm..

Akash - The laugh riot of the class, if I may say so. His smile makes you think of all silly things. Played volleyball grinning.

- LOL!

All of them are really really really good. I love them all.

I know I’ve missed out on most of you guys ( Like you’ll ever read this). But hey! I might remember you like, forever.