Saturday, July 18, 2009

Checked morals?

The newspaper ran an article about the way the human male is. One line said it all. Quoting, “A man would stare at a village girl, even if he’s got an Aphrodite for a wife.”

True, isn’t it?

A mentality as such is developed at a very young age. Kids are given, not taught, a very pitiful insight towards the human sexuality. In India, we have a very small percentage of parents/guardians, educating their wards on the basics of sex. There is no proper sex education given in schools either. Ethics, customs and values are not paid heed to. Parents groan about pornography. What about the stuff kids view on the idiot box at home? Forget the movie with the complete-with-graphic-detail love scene. Don’t they see the kind of advertisements we have on the television these days? Deodorant ads, soap ads, body lotion ads, condom and contraceptive ads, all in their very homes. Very few advertisements are subtle.

Kids accessing the internet ought to be the least of their worries. Kids at a young age itself must be taught the difference between profanity and decency. It becomes absolutely crucial that they are able to distinguish them later in life. Their outlook towards such obscenities should be right.

Sharlene Azam, a former columnist for the Canadian daily, Toronto Star, has written a book and has made a documentary on well-to-do middle-class Canadian girls who are willing to do sexual favours in return for material gifts. Girls of a tender age of 11-12 years are prostituting themselves willingly. The author also talks about how the “sexting” culture is catching up rapidly.

The book excerpt can be found here -

And a better article on the invasion of porn -

India is said to be a developing country. Let it not grow towards the annihilation of the morals which have been brought down since long, from one generation to another.