Sunday, September 14, 2008


Change is a constant, agreed. It is inevitable too. It is the adaptation to the change that matters and not the change itself.

I am an introvert by nature. I do not talk to people I’m not accustomed with. Even if I do have a conversation, it’ll be more of a sentence or two, either with heavy sarcasm or pure sweetness, and with full stops at the end of the sentences on either of the cases. I do NOT indulge in small talk. I find it to be futile. I’d rather sit tight and let the others think I’m a real shy person with an IQ level so low that I cant frame sentences than start off with my flow of words and make them feel intimidated. The other party’s opinion wouldn’t matter to me since I wouldn’t actually know them. On the contrary, if I do know the person well, I let myself loose.

That’s what I am. Enough said about me.

Coming back to change, I find it a little harder than most others to let go of things. Material things are the last on my list here. I get so used to one particular system that I tend to not accept the change or an up gradation of the same. I find myself to be more comfortable with what had been earlier. It always seems so less of a work with what has gone. Because after a change, you need to start all over again. There’ll be the introduction part, then the getting to know and all that. Be it a person or a group or a system itself. In short, I take more time to adapt to a change.

I’ve always felt the same way. No matter how hard I try. Though, in certain situations, it HAS been pretty easy. Like, take the example of my degree. When the course started, I was new. BUT, so was everyone. I got to establish my self and lay to myself a better and a different foundation. It helped. Or rather its still helping. It’s the little things that matter more in my case. Small changes take me a lot more time getting accustomed to than the biggies.

Then again, as I say, its all in the perception. It’s the way you comprehend things.

What say?


Anonymous said...


True, Thej, it is the whole "how-i-see-stuff-and-this-is-what-makes-me-myself" part.

It is how you think of Change, what you're willing to change in yourself, and how you perceive related stuff, that builds your person.

Oh, and maybe I didn't make much sense because of serious-near-fatal-conditions, but I liked the post. I usually like reading stuff related to change and all. ^_^

Flower Power Boi said...

Shaivya is such a show off...


I act like that all the time, its so bad, that people are actually convinced about how stupid I am by just looking at me...


Anoop said...

*Small changes take me a lot more time getting accustomed to than the biggies. *

Small builds the big, so is the reason I think

Akshata said...

Very well written. :)
Still, I do not get one thing.
What is the mystery the italic font carries?
Will you tell me soon? Must I write a 'questionable' blog post? ;)

purplestorm said...

Aksie : Dunno. I like it that way.