Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ah.. hello!

You're in control is there anywhere you wanna go?
You're in control is there anything you wanna know?
The future's for discovering.
The space in which we're traveling.

- Coldplay

I might have started boring you with this (iff you’ve read my previous posts, that is). But who cares! Get bored. Bah!

The recent turn of events in my life, have brought me back to the same question again. My purpose here? Or rather, what IS anybody’s purpose on this ‘planet’ that we call ‘earth’? Or on this humungous universe. Or whatever/wherever we are. If we actually ARE, that is. I’m starting to think that it’s all an illusion. But that’s not what I WANT to believe. But then again, there are very few things I actually believe in. I’ll prattle about that later.

I know that someday I’d be an... an.. Albert Einstein or a.. Rukmini Devi Arundale (People who know me in real life, go ahead, laugh. I am laughing too, anyway. :| ). Meaning that I’d someday be remembered through text books and more. Which is so very NOT likely. But so what?! Big deal! Bah!

What about the life that I’m living now? Questions without answers, you’d say. So? Look for some answers without questions, will ya dud?

I want to know what the heck am doing here. I’ve a good mind to stop everything that I’m doing right now and sit still for nearly 23 hours a day for a lifetime and see what happens. Apart from the obvious answers to that weird thought of mine, I’d appreciate a few logical, real, good, legible ones. (Legible? Yeah. You read it right. )

And no, it aint a paradox. :|


If you haven’t heard Alanis Morissette’s song Ironic, well it’s just too ironic that you haven’t.

It never fails to lift my mood up.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

That horrible huge zit!!!

What can I say?

The title says it all.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

That four letter word.

It all started with this text message a certain friend sent me on a busy afternoon. “Everyone is an a**hole.” it said. To which I replied, “Nearly ALL guys are Casanovas.” She said she agreed with me, after looking up the word ‘Casanova’. That message of mine, forwarded to a common friend, resulted in my posting of this topic. One thought and opinion of ours led to another and it finally stopped at the issue of “Love”. I happened to remember a certain line from one of Bon Jovi’s hits and mulled over it. I later sent the following text message to quite a few people.

“Read carefully and answer.

Is true love blind? OR Is blind love true?”

The replies I got (very few responded) are as put in below. Names have been with held.

Miss.S1. - Some how true love is blind seems to be more fitting. But then, blind love can also be true na? Sometimes I feel love is crap. Total. It is painful.

Well, MissS1, that’s neither here nor there. :))

Mr.N. - I think love blinds truth. Whatever tht means. Tch tch.

A personal favourite of the replies I got. :)

Mr.P. - If there is love then no need to be blind.. because love is jst a feeling an it dnt ask fr anything else.

Ok. Now that reply is from a guy who tries to be philosophically funny. Guess you get it. If you dint, sorry. :))

Miss.S2. - Love is nt true n love cnt b blind.

Dear Miss.S2, how much that reply shows about your take on the concept of love.

Miss.A1. - Love doesn exit..

Knowing about you, I wouldn’t have expected any thing less. It shows your insecurity and distrust I guess. What say?

Mr.A1. - Both are one and the same.

No they aren’t!!! Aw... come on now!

Miss.P. - Blind luv true

I see.

Miss.A2. - I have no idea friend. Will ask *a certain girl who is apparently going around with a guy* n tell you. :-D


Spoken like a true Miss.A2!

Mr.S. - (After much urging) True love is blind..

Being the true romantic that you are, I accept it. In your case. :))

Mr.A2. - (After much urging here too) The first one.

Expected. :)

Well folks! That’s what a few people thought. I hope they got the difference between the two questions, if there is any. I hope you, my dear reader, got it too.

My take? Is true love blind? If you do not see the consequences before hand, I’d say, yes it is. Is blind love true? Well, so said Bon Jovi!!!


Neither I guess.




I hope either Luke bhaiya or Shailesh comment on this.


Toodles every one!

And yes, I know I always seem too vague in my posts.