Friday, March 28, 2008

Second tag!!!

Swat tagged me. Again! :P

A-Available?: What kind of a freaking flickling question is that?:)

B-Best friend(s): Either too many or none.

C-Cake or Pie: Cake. Pie. No cake. Pie. Cake. No pie. No no!

D-Drink(s) of choice: Does water count?

E-Essential thing used everyday: Apart from the obvious ones, “b.clean”. Though am running short of it, lately.

F-Favorite color: Purple. Dark purple. Anytime.

G-Gummi bears or worms: What is which? Or which is what?:)

H-Hometown: Right here.

I-Indulgence: Come again?

J-January or February: Feb of course! :D

K-Kids and names: Kids and silly, cute names go well with each uzzer. You know, baby, cutie pie, sweety, and all that.

L-Life is incomplete without: A lotta things.

M-Marriage date: On a rainy day, apparently.

N-Number of siblings: One kid sister.

O-Oranges or apples: I prefer the citrus variety.:)

P-Phobias: Ah. Many.:P

Q-Quote: Quote - unquote. Now, from which magazine is that?:)

R-Reason to smile: Well, what kinda smile is this referred to actually? Anyway, any reason will do I guess.:)

S-Season: Rainy. Cloudy.

T-Tag three people: Yeah right. Humour me. :P

U-Unknown fact about me: Let that stay unknown... for now, anyway. :)

V-Vegetable(S) you do not like: Like ‘em all!

W-Worst habit: My Mum would agree with this. Procrastinating. :|

X-rays you have had: Twice, as far as I remember. Once while I was wearing my braces and the second time was last year when I had a lil’ accident. Poor right foot. Er... ankle.

Y-Your favourite food: Chopped raw tomatoes + lemon + a pinch of pepper + a pinch of salt + finely chopped fresh green chillies + chaat masala, all mixed together! Deeelicious! :))

Z-Zodiac: An Aquarian. :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

An arbit(rary) post.

I looked up the word “arbit”. Turned out it doesn’t exist. But the word “arbitrary” does. Bah!

I just finished re-reading “You belong to me” and “Remember me” by Mary Higgins Clark. My Grand Pa has a showcase full of novels. Every author is in there. Lee Child, John Grisham, David Baldacci, Frederick Forsythe, Jack Higgins, James Hadley Chase, Nelson DeMille, Harry Patterson, Richard Patterson, Vince Flynn, Colin Forbes, you name it. I stand in front of those thousands of novels and I fail to decide on which to read. What gives? I go back to re-reading JKR. Bleh!

Why do I pretend to be dumb? I mean, I realised it when my dear Aunt pointed it out to me. I wonder why I do that. Heck! I know am smart! And maybe a little intimidating too! Muahahahaa! :D

Swat thought I was hibernating. Was I? My Mom reads my blog, Swat. Period. :P =))

=)) That smiley. I seem to be using that a lot lately. Though I still love this one “ :D “ . This one, “ :) “ can be real annoying. Prat showed me that. :|

I seem to be singing “Another day in Paradise” a lot these days. The same goes for “She will be loved” and Chantal-something’s version of “Leaving on a jet plane”. Weird me.

*All my BAGS are PAcked, am ready to goOO. Am STANding right, outside your doOR. I HATE to wake you UP To say good byEEE*


Do you ever talk to yourself? ‘Course you do. You do that all the time, don’t you? Don’t worry. I do it too. It kinda helps in sorting out the plentiful thoughts in your head.


For now, anyway.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My first ever TAG! Yay!

Swat tagged me.. So here goes!

Ten Things You Wish You Could Say To People Right Now (names withheld) :

1) I really really feel sorry for you. But hey, its not my problem!

2) I want a chocolate!

3) You are sooo like.. you know..

4) Get lost. (I am with Swat on this one..)

5) Bah!

6) I know.

7) Don’t gape at girls like that. It’s indecent.(Am keeping this one too!! :D =)) )

8 ) I may not show it, but I really love you guys.

9) Stop yapping about yourself all the time. (Again ,seconded.)

10) Puh-lease. You don’t know the whole story yourself.

Nine Things About Yourself

1) I’m a very compromising person. I know I’ve said that a lotta times. But then again, hey!

2) I’d rather have me by myself.

3) I know am smart.

4) There’s this forward that keeps getting forwarded. “Never make someone a priority in your life, when you are just an option in theirs”. I seem to keep putting such people on top of my list. This has GOT to stop!

5) If I don’t speak out, it either means that I don’t want you to be intimidated by me or that I am intimidated.

6) I prefer reading a book to watching a movie.

7) I wish I’d keep my temper. More often, that is.

8 ) My lucky number is “ 8 “ . =))

9) I love my room!

Eight Ways To Win Your Heart

1) Be yourself. (Seconded)

2) Wit and humor! Matters a lot. (Double seconded). Yeah. You can be real funny. =))

3) DONT pretend to be smarter than me. You’ll only make yourself more dumber.

4) Don’t give me a chocolate as a first gesture.

5) Dress sensibly! NOT “branded-ly”!

6) Your looks don’t matter. Forget about it.

7) Be the first to talk. I don’t usually talk much. :|

8) My lucky number again! :D LOL! =))

[ There is a difference between the 5th and the 6th , yes! ]

Seven Things That Cross Your Mind A Lot

1) The purpose of my life? Huh?

2) Family.

3) I really should get up more early.

4) What AM I gonna do after these two years or so?

5) Friends.

6) What’s with her/him?! =))

7) Try being an extrovert.

Six Things You Wish You Never Did

1) Wish I hadn’t grown my hair this long.

2) I wish I didnt stay mum when people really expected me to speak up. (Seconded)

3) I wish I never gave someone so much place in my life. (Seconded)

4) Wish I’d never forgotten to take that English book in my 4th standard. Things would have been a lot better then. :((

5) Wish I’d not lost my senses.

6) Wish I’d never spoken up before thinking right.

Five Turn-Off’s

1) Swearing in every sentence, thinking that it’s cool to do so. (Seconded)

2) Show-off guys on bikes are a huge turn-off. (Seconded). Yep. Guys. *shakes her head*

3) Wrong attitude.

4) Egoism.(Seconded) And sarcasm.

5) People who have “use- and- throw” attitude towards others. (Seconded) Ah well.. I just agree with Swat! :D

Four Turn-On’s

1) Wit and humor. Be real funny!! :D

2) Humility.

3) Acceptance.

4) Good grammar. =)) Ok. I was joking. :D

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die

1) Take my family to Egypt.

2) Make sure that my sis ends up well in life.

3) Be successful. In everything. All the ventures.

Two Smileys that Describe You

1) :D

2) :P

One Confession

Only one? =)) Bwahahahaha! :D

PS - I seem to have used the word “Seconded” a lot. It just means that I agreed with Swat.

Ta-ta for now!

Am not tagging anyone.