Thursday, March 19, 2009


Suppressed emotions are the worst. It is usually the negative emotions that one tries to hide with the assumption that it is for the better. These negative emotions comprise of anger, rage, hatred, sadness, humiliation, and the likes. Bottling up of such emotions could prove to be dangerous, even catastrophic. People stall their feelings considering others around them. They don’t want to hurt them. They don’t want to be labeled as the bad guy. Or to put it in a layman’s words, they wouldn’t want to start a scene.

But how efficient is one in concealing his true feelings? The ways of the human mind is fascinating. Some people successfully cover up their anger or humiliation. Some even let go of such episodes, laughing it off as something silly. There are others, who let that suppressed emotion build up. They keep adding bits from here and there to it. And finally they come apart, bringing out all the irrelevant pieces of time they didn’t appreciate, which would have been long gone.

Rage and depression are the worst. These combined, will only lead to the destruction of a curious kind. Even before the tears come, you can feel the echo of the wound augmenting from the depths of your stomach. They say that, people who have a lot of patience don’t actually have it.

These emotions when let out, don’t help in relieving the pain. Rather makes one relive it.

But then again, this is all subjective.