Friday, July 25, 2008



What does one make of them? Pick on any one for that matter. The bond that you have with your parents. This one’s a pretty easy one. Its not that hard. Though its upto you to maintain it well, mostly. It doesn’t require much effort. It comes naturally.

What about the relationships that you share with a person/persons outside your family members? Be it your classmates or colleagues. THIS aint easy, is it now? Compromise, adaptation, acceptance and yes, endurance is required to sustain it and keep it from crumbling.

Thanks to that very good friend of mine, I’ve been listening to this far too many times.
The video is lame.
It’s a rip off of an Amr Diab number.

But it holds a special place for me.

(I’m not going to say “It holds a special place in my heart” and make it sound all corny. But then again, maybe I just did.)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A dedication

My parents made me listen to a track on the thinking patterns of the human mind. Mostly to do with positive thinking. Just like that. It was really good.

That brought back two memories.

One, when my Mamma had commented that I am a positive person a few years ago.
I don’t think she’d agree with her previous statement now.
Two, where one of my previously good friends kept urging me to read the book titled “The power of positive thinking”, which I still haven’t.

This post I dedicate to him.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Arbit(rary) post 2

Playing host isn’t easy. Playing the hosts’ daughter isn’t easy too. Even if its just your Aunt and your cousin. With my Mamma away for work, oh boy! I was dead tired at the end of the day. I mean it. I might have not helped around much, but I did my part well. I wonder how the Gellar girl did it. :P

Have you heard Chris Brown’s With You? It’s a peppy number. Every time I walk, I tend to do a “skip a little, hop a little” jig singing it.

1408 was a good movie. Going by Mr.Cusack, I’d give it 7 and a half skulls! :D
I next want to watch Silence of the lambs. Hope it’s available.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Nearly a foot-long of my tresses went chop-chop today. It had been a year since I’d got a hair cut done. Before today, it reached below my waist. It now lies on my shoulders. I love it. The last time I had such short hair was in high school. Come to think of it, my hair was much shorter then. I think I look better now. In fact, I’m sure I look great!


All those who said that I’d never get my hair cut and those who said that I don’t look good, IN YOUR FACE!




6 year old shoots his 3 year old sister in the head.
WHAT has the world come to?

I again ask, any Reachers out there?


Try this...

Six year old shoots sister