Saturday, February 21, 2009


The days go slow into a void.

THAT was seen written on the back of the T-shirt of a construction worker near my house. The first time I saw it, I instantly thought of writing a piece on it. Just today I saw that guy the second time with the quote on his back and here I am.

The days pass by ever so quickly when you least expect them to or when you don’t want them to. You think you have lots of time and lo! you’re already looking at your deadline.

Time flies by is an old saying. The one that I’ve mentioned here is different. The pace is seemingly unhurried. As the days pass by, you get older. You change. And so does everything around you. What happens at the end of each day anyway? Nothing. Another day commences. The previous day is no more. The same is with months and years and centuries and what not. What happens after you die? Oblivion.
They say ignorance is bliss. I’d say oblivion is bliss.

The days go slow into a void. I really am NOT able to express my point of view on that confrontational quote. It’s just too awe-inspiring.


Anonymous said...

Sounds a little vague.. More like trying to figure out the "truth". Every moment goes... but into void? I dont know. You cannot get it back physically, but you can recount them in your mind and talk about them with the ones who shared it... In a way relive those moments.

Also, oblivion seems more prudent than ignorance :P . Nothing to think of means being at peace.. Nice one ;)

Sorcerer said...

Vodka is a luxury we have. Caviar is a luxury we have. Time is not.

something like this..right

Flower Power Boi said...

Go read Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He completely destroys the conventions of space time. It is beautiful the way he can change your perception of time through nothing but literal prowess.