Sunday, November 1, 2009


Every minute that passes by brings in some change in you. Humans inherently have an adaptive nature. You tend to become accustomed to the change you never wanted. These changes later manifest themselves as an amendment of your character or conduct. You look back at yourself and find that you are amazed at far you’ve come, or how far you’ve gone. That of course, is subjective. Let the change in you be such that you will have no uncertainties. Evolve in a manner that will give you a fresh and a better perspective. Be virtuous. Preserve the innocence in you.
The world can thus be a better place.
Amen to that.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My color...

Though it is random, the below mention traits are true.

Your Name is White

Your name tells people that you have good intentions and a pure heart. You try to always speak the truth.

You are happy to step back and let other people shine. You don't seek attention or acclaim.

People see you as someone who is generous and ethical. You can be counted on to do the right thing.

You are bright and clear headed. You can offer a fresh perspective, especially when other people are in a rut.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Checked morals?

The newspaper ran an article about the way the human male is. One line said it all. Quoting, “A man would stare at a village girl, even if he’s got an Aphrodite for a wife.”

True, isn’t it?

A mentality as such is developed at a very young age. Kids are given, not taught, a very pitiful insight towards the human sexuality. In India, we have a very small percentage of parents/guardians, educating their wards on the basics of sex. There is no proper sex education given in schools either. Ethics, customs and values are not paid heed to. Parents groan about pornography. What about the stuff kids view on the idiot box at home? Forget the movie with the complete-with-graphic-detail love scene. Don’t they see the kind of advertisements we have on the television these days? Deodorant ads, soap ads, body lotion ads, condom and contraceptive ads, all in their very homes. Very few advertisements are subtle.

Kids accessing the internet ought to be the least of their worries. Kids at a young age itself must be taught the difference between profanity and decency. It becomes absolutely crucial that they are able to distinguish them later in life. Their outlook towards such obscenities should be right.

Sharlene Azam, a former columnist for the Canadian daily, Toronto Star, has written a book and has made a documentary on well-to-do middle-class Canadian girls who are willing to do sexual favours in return for material gifts. Girls of a tender age of 11-12 years are prostituting themselves willingly. The author also talks about how the “sexting” culture is catching up rapidly.

The book excerpt can be found here -

And a better article on the invasion of porn -

India is said to be a developing country. Let it not grow towards the annihilation of the morals which have been brought down since long, from one generation to another.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All ye darker sex! (Fairer sex is so cliched!)

“You better not keep your slipper that close to the railing. It’ll fall into the water.”
“No it won’t”
“I’m telling you, it will.”

And, dear readers, it DID fall into the lake and my dear friend had to jump across the railing, go down to the water edge and fish it out.

“You don’t say anything like that next time!”

I just grinned big.

That was not the first time that something as such has occurred. Many a times, small, seemingly trivial events have taken place after my telling they will. What do you call that?
I call it intuition. An inkling. My instincts are nearly always right.
So are my Dad’s though.

Anyway, here’s a snap of the gone-astray slipper.

Also, this.

I read the article above in the paper and would you know! LOL!
It is true though. You listen to your girl/wife; you’ll do well in life.
It’s just that we women have better judgment, logic, common sense, wit and reasoning. We might sometimes lose our heads and it may seem as though we do not possess any skills better than you, but more often than not, lets face it, you are proved wrong.

Here's the link.

This also reminds of that paint ad, I forget which one exactly, in which the Granny says “I am always right!” The hand gesture as she says it is too good.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Son of a gun! Will you look at that!

Ever thought that coincidences could be something more than just that? How would you feel if I told you that there does exist some force that is responsible for every little action that occurs in your life? Well, the matter that your life is just an illusion will be dealt with in another post. By some force, I do not mean a Godly presence of some kind. Coincidences do NOT just happen. You make them happen. Either willing or not, you DO make them happen. All the consequences of your actions are to be blamed on you alone. The perspective through which you look at them is all that matters. You may think that you made it happen and can be happy about that, or you can assume it to be the course of action your Almighty chose for you, OR you can just think of it as a mere coincidence and say “Well, I’ll be! “ and go about your way. Its all in the way you look at it people! You will always get what you want. You ought to just make it happen your way. It might be hard or just frigging easy.

Either way, you don’t lose anything in giving it a shot, do you now?

Wake up!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Tag

A tag, again. From Shaivya.


1. Beverage: That would be water. Not much of a beverage, is it?
2. Phone Call: Incoming.
3. IM: GTalk
4. Song listened: Careless Whisper - George Michael
5. Time you cried: Today morning. Nearly.
6. Sms: Outgoing.

~~~Have you ever~~~

1. Dated someone twice: Come again? But this is subjective anyway.
2. Been cheated on: No.
3. Kissed someone and regretted it: No.
4. Lost someone special: Yes.
5. Been depressed: Duh huh! Sure!

~~~Three favourite colours~~~

Dark purple

~~~This Month Have you~~~

1. Made a new friend: Nope.
2. Laughed until you cried: Yes. Yes, I have.
3. Met someone who changed your life: No.
4. Found who your true friends were: Eh?
5. Found out someone who was talking about you: Er... no. :|
6. Kissed anyone on your friends list: Which friends’ list?

~~~How many~~~

1. People on your friends list do you know in real life: Again, which friends’ list?
2. Kids do you wanna have: No idea.
3. Pets you have: None.


1. Do you wanna change your name: No.
2. What did you get on your last birthday: A few stuff.
3. What were you doing at midnight last night: Can’t remember.
4. Name something you cannot wait for: Cannot wait for? Keeps changing.
5. Last time you saw your father: About 20 minutes back.
6. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: Nothing.
7. What are you listening to right now: None.
8. Have you talked to a person named Tom: No.
9. Most visited webpage: Orkut, Gmail, Wikipedia, Facebook, Yahoo!, IMDB.
10. What's your real name: Thejaswini Pradhan
11. Nicknames: Theju, Thej, Chinky , Harshu.
12. Status:
13. Zodiac sign: Aquarius
14. Male or female: Female
15. Elementary: **skip**
16. High School: **skip**
17. University: **skip**
18. Hair colour: Black
19. Long or short: Medium
20. Are you a health freak: No.
21. Height: 5'6"
22. Do you have a crush on someone: Yes.
23. What do you like about yourself: Lots of things.
24. What don't you like about yourself: My compromising nature. I’m a push-over.
25. Righty or lefty: Righty.


1. Surgery: None.
2. Piercing: Ears.
3. Best friend(s): **skip**
4. Award: **skip**
5. Sport(s) you joined: Eh?
6. Pet: Fish.
7. Vacation: First? Don’t remember.
8. Concert: Sting
9. Crush: **skip**

~~~What are you~~~

1. Eating: Ground nuts
2. Drinking: Nothing
3. I'm about to: Make a call
4. Listening to: Sounds outside.
5. Waiting for: Sleep

~~~Your future~~~

1. Want kids: No idea.
2. Want to get married: No idea.
3. Careers in mind: This is getting ridiculous. NO idea.

~~~Which is better with the opposite/same sex~~~

1. Lips or eyes: Eyes/eyes
2. Hugs or kisses: Hugs/hugs
3. Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic/Spontaneous
4. Nice stomach or nice arms: Arms/Wha-aat?!
5. Sensitive or loud: Sensitive/Both
6. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship/Wha-aat?!
7. Trouble maker or hesitant: Hesitant/Definitely hesitant!
8. Lefty or righty: Whatever.
9. Shorter or taller: Taller/Shorter. :D
10. Older or younger: Older/Whatever.

~~~Have you ever~~~

1. Lost glasses/ contacts: No.
2. Ran away from home: Once. I guess.
3. Kissed a stranger: No.
4. Drank pepsi: Yes.
5. Broken someone's heart: **skip**
6. Been arrested: No.
7. Turned someone down: Cant remember.
8. Liked a guy/girl friend: Sure.

~~~Do you believe in~~~

1. Yourself: Definitely
2. Miracles: Not sure
3. Love at first sight: No
4. Heaven: No
5. Santa Claus: No
6. Kiss on first date: No
7. Angels: No

-- Except for the first one under this section, you have negative responses from me. Wow. --

~~~Answer Truthfully~~~

1. Happy with your life: Yes.
2. Believe in God: I tend to falter.
3. Posting it as 100 truths on your blog: No

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Suppressed emotions are the worst. It is usually the negative emotions that one tries to hide with the assumption that it is for the better. These negative emotions comprise of anger, rage, hatred, sadness, humiliation, and the likes. Bottling up of such emotions could prove to be dangerous, even catastrophic. People stall their feelings considering others around them. They don’t want to hurt them. They don’t want to be labeled as the bad guy. Or to put it in a layman’s words, they wouldn’t want to start a scene.

But how efficient is one in concealing his true feelings? The ways of the human mind is fascinating. Some people successfully cover up their anger or humiliation. Some even let go of such episodes, laughing it off as something silly. There are others, who let that suppressed emotion build up. They keep adding bits from here and there to it. And finally they come apart, bringing out all the irrelevant pieces of time they didn’t appreciate, which would have been long gone.

Rage and depression are the worst. These combined, will only lead to the destruction of a curious kind. Even before the tears come, you can feel the echo of the wound augmenting from the depths of your stomach. They say that, people who have a lot of patience don’t actually have it.

These emotions when let out, don’t help in relieving the pain. Rather makes one relive it.

But then again, this is all subjective.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


The days go slow into a void.

THAT was seen written on the back of the T-shirt of a construction worker near my house. The first time I saw it, I instantly thought of writing a piece on it. Just today I saw that guy the second time with the quote on his back and here I am.

The days pass by ever so quickly when you least expect them to or when you don’t want them to. You think you have lots of time and lo! you’re already looking at your deadline.

Time flies by is an old saying. The one that I’ve mentioned here is different. The pace is seemingly unhurried. As the days pass by, you get older. You change. And so does everything around you. What happens at the end of each day anyway? Nothing. Another day commences. The previous day is no more. The same is with months and years and centuries and what not. What happens after you die? Oblivion.
They say ignorance is bliss. I’d say oblivion is bliss.

The days go slow into a void. I really am NOT able to express my point of view on that confrontational quote. It’s just too awe-inspiring.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The monkeys' land :D

I wish I was in monkeys’ land

The place where I was born

The monkey kissed me on my cheek

And said goodbye to me

I willilish I wallals in mallalankeys’ lallaland

The pallalace where Illai was bollolon

The mallalankey killised me allon my cheellileek

And sallalad goodballai to me

That was one of the songs we used to sing in school. A friend of mine sang the first two lines of it. I sang along with her and completed the song.

It felt really good to be reminded of my school days. I studied in a Christian missionary school. That being so, I was taught a lot of songs, carols, hymns, all that. Our school had a huge hall where we used to assemble and sing songs.

Great songs. And so are the memories.


I just wish I’d find my music book.

Oh, and belated new year wishes!

And happy 20th to me!