Sunday, October 23, 2016

After what seems like years...

Man United is playing Chelsea, and they are losing. As of first half, at the least.

I think this is the first time ever I am writing a post that includes sports. 

I am down a couple of beers, and I am listening to a Warning Sign.

When DeeDee was in his first year of college, he calls me one night, I can hear people and music in the background. We talk for a few seconds, random chatter. He then tells me he wants me to hear a song. The one that is playing in the background. And then I hear DeeDee and a couple of guys croon, "I miss you...". This is followed by laughter.

And here I am, years later listening to the same song. How time flies. We are now married for nearly two years. How we have changed, but yet unchanged, really. 

There is actually no one who can even begin to understand how we are where we are today, DeeDee and I. We have realised that. 
I still remember the time when I asked him to watch the movie Once. We are so much further from those days. With every passing day, we find ourselves more "into" each other, in ways that I cannot describe. I know will not be able to.

Not being narcissistic, but I do believe that what DeeDee and I have is unconventional and different, wonderfully bizarre, even.

Well, we shall wait and see what the next day holds for us, eh?