Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All ye darker sex! (Fairer sex is so cliched!)

“You better not keep your slipper that close to the railing. It’ll fall into the water.”
“No it won’t”
“I’m telling you, it will.”

And, dear readers, it DID fall into the lake and my dear friend had to jump across the railing, go down to the water edge and fish it out.

“You don’t say anything like that next time!”

I just grinned big.

That was not the first time that something as such has occurred. Many a times, small, seemingly trivial events have taken place after my telling they will. What do you call that?
I call it intuition. An inkling. My instincts are nearly always right.
So are my Dad’s though.

Anyway, here’s a snap of the gone-astray slipper.

Also, this.

I read the article above in the paper and would you know! LOL!
It is true though. You listen to your girl/wife; you’ll do well in life.
It’s just that we women have better judgment, logic, common sense, wit and reasoning. We might sometimes lose our heads and it may seem as though we do not possess any skills better than you, but more often than not, lets face it, you are proved wrong.

Here's the link.

This also reminds of that paint ad, I forget which one exactly, in which the Granny says “I am always right!” The hand gesture as she says it is too good.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Son of a gun! Will you look at that!

Ever thought that coincidences could be something more than just that? How would you feel if I told you that there does exist some force that is responsible for every little action that occurs in your life? Well, the matter that your life is just an illusion will be dealt with in another post. By some force, I do not mean a Godly presence of some kind. Coincidences do NOT just happen. You make them happen. Either willing or not, you DO make them happen. All the consequences of your actions are to be blamed on you alone. The perspective through which you look at them is all that matters. You may think that you made it happen and can be happy about that, or you can assume it to be the course of action your Almighty chose for you, OR you can just think of it as a mere coincidence and say “Well, I’ll be! “ and go about your way. Its all in the way you look at it people! You will always get what you want. You ought to just make it happen your way. It might be hard or just frigging easy.

Either way, you don’t lose anything in giving it a shot, do you now?

Wake up!