Thursday, June 9, 2011

The days go slow...

It becomes a bit difficult when there are way too many thoughts running on your mind to be able to type them out in a coherent manner. Looks like I just need a push to start off. I thought of writing movie reviews since I seem to be doing that a lot in my head and not voicing them out much. But then I decided against it. Though, you may see an occasional line or two, or maybe a paragraph on a flick now and then. I was just glancing at my blog and my, I started out nearly 4 years ago!I cannot believe it. Long way, that. In more ways than one. I finished college, did a bit of SEO and then freelanced for a while, oh, and I grew up (air quotes!), and now, here I am. Back to my blog.

W00t for that!

Well, the days sure go slow... Apparently into a void.