Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All you have to do, is listen

Never will a fleeting moment escape without you giving it enough thought to add to it that gravity and magnitude it never had to begin with. Such is life. All the things you see and hear, you cannot help but give them some meaning. You form opinions and take opinions. More often than not, they will mean nothing. Everything is basically a sham of sorts. Isn't it bad enough that you are dictated by the societal norms formed over decades of false notions and flimsy perceptions? No, you are not content. The need to follow a bunch of things and to hold on to the rest is pathetic. Freedom of thought is literally non-existent. It is not going to be easy to even comprehend what you are reading here. Try getting away from the noise. Noise pounding at your ear drums and drilling into your brains.  'Calm before the storm' is so wrong. The din of silence is more likely to be heard in its wake. Get away from it all. Be one with yourself. Let go of your pretentious and sickly inhibitions. And then, maybe you'll hear it.