Saturday, December 29, 2007

New year

Ok. It’s that time of the year again. The time for a new beginning and some beginning’s end. And no, I am not talking about the partying and the stuff. Sure. Go ahead. Party all you want. It’ll be over before you know it. Period. Party pooper? Me? Nah.

I happen to be talking about that thing. New year, new endeavor, new this, new that... you know. New. Or rather, the “so called new” Am sure that if you hit search on it, you’ll get a load of blogs.

You know that little promise you make to yourself before the dawn of the new year? And where you promise to keep that promise? Ah, I think you got what am talking about. Yes, new year resolutions. You made yours? Or rather, have you at least thought of making one? Huh? What? I can’t hear you. Oh wait. You did huh? No? You dint? Oh! Whatever.

You’re asking if I made one? I don’t know. I mean, I seem to be making “resolutions” all year long. Like yesterday, I resolved to clean my bookshelf every two days. I still haven’t done it yet. And the two days are almost up. What a great start there. I don’t keep them. Course there are some that I do keep. But that would be more like a necessity, you know? And to make one at the start of the year? You expect me to remember what I made? LOL!

Think about it. You keep making resolutions pretty much all day long. Don’t say no. You might be doing a Pinocchio, buddy.

You Probably Won't Keep Your New Year's Resolution

Something isn't quite right with the resolution you've selected. Maybe it's time for a different one?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Pick yours!

Choose one among each of these.

· Joey Tribianni or Jack Reacher?

· Rogue or Storm?

· Purple or White?

· Inside or Outside?

· Sawyer or Nigel?

· Miss Marple or Agatha Christie?

· Pokemon or Digimon?

· Sunny or Windy?

· Writer or Viewer?

· Dance or Walk?

· Grey or Black?

· Sing or Read?

· Ana Lucia Cortez or Rachel Greene?

· Harlan Coben or History Channel?

· Sleep or Dream?

· Calvin or Hobbes?

· Classrooms or Desks?

· Rihanna or Paris Hilton?

· Watermelon or Cucumber?

· Hard or Brittle?

· Now or Later?

· Speaker or Microphone?

· Slim Shady or Van Halen?

· Line 26 or Column 23?

· Bold or Valiant?

· Rain or Thunder showers?

· 7 or 8?

· India or Bangalore?

· Member or Yellow?

· Truthful or Honest?

· You or I?

· Melody or Phoebe?










· Choices or Chances?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A eulogy... to a well organized mind.

JK Rowling taught her readers a lot of things. Or rather, she gave her readers a lot to think about. The Harry Potter series might have ended. But I am sure that no one’s gonna forget Harry and his experiences with his pals in next to no time. For one, two more movies are yet to come; for another, the magical world of Harry Potter won’t fade away easily. And who knows what else is in store for HP fans. Cartoons, more new games, a television series, a comic book (now that’s something!), a sequel, what-not!

Now before you read any further, let me make it very clear that the title of this blog entry refers, not to the author, but to one of the characters, namely, Albus Dumbledore. Albus Dumbledore is, by far, one of the most intriguing characters in fantasy fiction. Or at least that’s what I feel. Indeed, among all the characters in the HP series, Dumbledore’s is the one I’d love to play the part. I don’t think the movies have done any justice to his character. Or to any of the characters, mind.

Dumbledore was a man of words, and of hidden deeds. Deeds for ‘betterment’ (or should I say “for the greater good”? :P ). He thought a lot. About a lot of things.

A typical wise old man? Nah. Much more than that.

- An old man... if you’d call being over a hundred and fifty years old.

- An astute old man. Not to mention being an extremely perceptive one.

- An astute old man with an uncanny sense of humor. Yeah I know. I’ve seen that a lot of times in the books. Quite silly actually. But hey! Remember? A hundred and fifty?

- We know, from Albus Dumbledore's chocolate frog card that "Dumbledore is particularly famous for his defeat of the dark wizard Grindlewald in 1945, for the discovery of the twelve uses of dragon's blood and his work on alchemy with his partner Nicolas Flamel."

So wow! A brainy one! Ok. That was pretty lame. But then, I guess you know what I am
talking about.

- In the first book, Professor McGonagall has a conversation with Dumbledore in which she points out that he knows all of the Dark Magic, but that she believes he chooses not to use any of it. So, just cause he dint use any of the, presumably, powerful, dark curses and all the stuff, it does NOT mean that he did not have any knowledge about it. In other words, if he didn't use a spell then, then that means he would NEVER use it. No... It doesn’t necessarily mean that, dude.

Ah... nobility. Yes. Dumbledore was indeed a noble person.

- Dumbledore was the one that brought Voldy into the wizarding world, and he was one of the people that taught him. Hence Tom Riddle had it fixed in his mind that Dumbledore was superior to him. Hence, when he actually managed to surpass Dumbledore in skill and power... Nopes. Voldy never really did ‘surpass’ Dumbledore in “skill and power”. But yeah, Dumbledore was indeed superior to Voldy in many ways. Dumbledore was a very skilled wizard. There was no one as powerful, as potent, as awe-inspiring as him, before him, and am sure that there won’t be any after him either.

Anyway, Dumbledore was a brilliant character to be introduced to the readers by JKR. And really, I am quite out of words to er... express my views on this. But I guess that you get my drift. All in praise of Dumbledore!!!