Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All ye darker sex! (Fairer sex is so cliched!)

“You better not keep your slipper that close to the railing. It’ll fall into the water.”
“No it won’t”
“I’m telling you, it will.”

And, dear readers, it DID fall into the lake and my dear friend had to jump across the railing, go down to the water edge and fish it out.

“You don’t say anything like that next time!”

I just grinned big.

That was not the first time that something as such has occurred. Many a times, small, seemingly trivial events have taken place after my telling they will. What do you call that?
I call it intuition. An inkling. My instincts are nearly always right.
So are my Dad’s though.

Anyway, here’s a snap of the gone-astray slipper.

Also, this.

I read the article above in the paper and would you know! LOL!
It is true though. You listen to your girl/wife; you’ll do well in life.
It’s just that we women have better judgment, logic, common sense, wit and reasoning. We might sometimes lose our heads and it may seem as though we do not possess any skills better than you, but more often than not, lets face it, you are proved wrong.

Here's the link.

This also reminds of that paint ad, I forget which one exactly, in which the Granny says “I am always right!” The hand gesture as she says it is too good.

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But why darker sex? :O