Saturday, July 18, 2009

Checked morals?

The newspaper ran an article about the way the human male is. One line said it all. Quoting, “A man would stare at a village girl, even if he’s got an Aphrodite for a wife.”

True, isn’t it?

A mentality as such is developed at a very young age. Kids are given, not taught, a very pitiful insight towards the human sexuality. In India, we have a very small percentage of parents/guardians, educating their wards on the basics of sex. There is no proper sex education given in schools either. Ethics, customs and values are not paid heed to. Parents groan about pornography. What about the stuff kids view on the idiot box at home? Forget the movie with the complete-with-graphic-detail love scene. Don’t they see the kind of advertisements we have on the television these days? Deodorant ads, soap ads, body lotion ads, condom and contraceptive ads, all in their very homes. Very few advertisements are subtle.

Kids accessing the internet ought to be the least of their worries. Kids at a young age itself must be taught the difference between profanity and decency. It becomes absolutely crucial that they are able to distinguish them later in life. Their outlook towards such obscenities should be right.

Sharlene Azam, a former columnist for the Canadian daily, Toronto Star, has written a book and has made a documentary on well-to-do middle-class Canadian girls who are willing to do sexual favours in return for material gifts. Girls of a tender age of 11-12 years are prostituting themselves willingly. The author also talks about how the “sexting” culture is catching up rapidly.

The book excerpt can be found here -

And a better article on the invasion of porn -

India is said to be a developing country. Let it not grow towards the annihilation of the morals which have been brought down since long, from one generation to another.


manasa said...

very good topic but i think you deviated. Also you weren't right in going after India alone. Mentality isn't something you can be taught. It's something which you pick along the way and which pretty much sticks with you all through your life.

KK said...

It is nice to know that u've taken up such an important issue wid gr8 earnest.A good post,looking forward to more of these posts.

Anonymous said...

The issue about sex-ed is not directly related to the behaviour of men mentioned in your post. The reason of course is genetic programming but, that doesnt give the license to abuse it. The problem of "ogling" is prevalent even in the western countries where sex-ed starts at a very young age. It depends on the way you are brought up.

I do agree with you that the movies and ads do have a certain influence on how men perceive women. Most of the sex-ed material I have been through mainly concentrates on intercourse and STDs and other related stuff about "love". But the motivation a man needs to really stop staring is that he needs to be bought up being taught to respect women. I think it is done well in typical Indian society. But then, the culture today is diluted very much and much of the fundamental values are lost. So, pointing out to a man when he is offensively staring at a women is a good way to curb it I believe

To Be Rock And Not To Roll said...

I am so glad to see that you have chosen this topic because though I am not feminist this is the problem faced by every woman let her age be 6 to 60, let it be a place like bus stop or workplace.

Although parents strive to teach their children lessons on morality, I think it's really hard for them to save them from what they learn from society, through media, or through their peers. For ages, men are taught to consider women as objects of entertainment for them, which is really disgusting. What they fail to realise is that appreciation for someone's looks is one thing and ogling is on the other hand, which is not at all enjoyed by any woman. Although this has more to do with moral education than sex education, I disagree with the justification being 'it is the mind set of males'. I thought we have already overcome our beast instincts, then why does this hold as an exception.

Regarding the incidents in Canada that you have mentioned, I think in most of the countries using underage person for porn is illegal. I guess a law is an effective way to curb spreading of such practices.

purplestorm said...

Manasa - I admit I focused solely on India. Guess I'm just more concerned about us, as a nation.

Krishan - Right..

Anoop - Men. They ARE to be, well for loss of a milder word, blamed. It is just the way men are made . Something to be accepted.

purplestorm said...

To-be-rock-and-not-to-roll -
Not the mindset of men. Maybe. To some extent. I am aware that females are also the culprits in certain cases.
But, as I replied before, the male pattern of thought, though disgusting, is to accepted.
Men spend half their time thinking about sex and sexual fantasies.

Shank said...

@PurpleStorm... Commenting on your last comment -

Men spend half their time thinking about sex and sexual fantasies.

I liked the whole story - with support from tv ads, a candian book, etc. but why do you have to go about making such baseless, sexist comments??!!

Regarding the rest of the story - well, I do have to admit that, yes, that's unfortunately the men are 'programmed'. The way to 'supress' this reflex action is probably, as you suggested, being taught to respect women from an early age. Overall, good article - you've made me a subscriber!

Sorcerer said...

very good writeup comrade :)


purplestorm said...

I might be a feminist, but I'm no sexist.

Shank said...

sorry - my bad - wrong choice of words on my part! :)

purplestorm said...

That's ok.

But,er... Shank who?

Anonymous said...

Erm, may I say that the scenario is no different in India? And shockingly, it's mostly from the upper crest!! (read it somewhere)
Sex education is a must for every country, but we must draw a line somewhere.
That said, we used to hate the informative 'menstruation' lessons in school!!!

Matangi Mawley said...

very sensible topic.. It's really troubling to see these kids grow up like this.. parents must first respect the kids' maturity level.. only then, they can bring themselves about to tell these things to them.. secondly, id parents themselves watch these kind of scenes with their mouth wide open, in front of kids who hardly know what's going on, they are never going to realize the full significance of it.. if parents won't do it, teachers must..
I come from a place where people are culturally bonded. even if a girl doesnt pin her dupatta, they guys bore a hole into them just by their sight! it's pathetic to see them do it! had they been given the proper sex education at the right age, they would not hog at all women like tht!
brill article!