Saturday, September 13, 2008


Yesterday, late evening.

*Mamma sitting on the couch. Me on the floor near her.*

Me : You know what, I’m suffering from PPD. (I give my loud laughter.)

Mamma : What?

Me : PPD. Paranoid Personality Disorder. (All my 28 teeth are seen.)

Mamma : What is that?

Me : Well, you know, I keep thinking about the worst possible thing that could happen. I’m always expecting the worst to occur. Paranoia.

*Dad sleeping inside. I ask him next.*

Me : Do you know what PPD is?

Dad : Production Planning Department. It’s an important department in a company.

*Mamma and myself both grin.*

Me : No no! Its Paranoid Personality Disorder. I have it.

Dad : Hmmm.

I read an article about PPD recently. I’ve always been a little on the paranoid side.

As the saying goes, ‘Hope for the best and plan for the worst’.

And to think I recommended Final Destination as THE movie to watch to a friend just hours ago.


That movie gives you the creeps.


Flower Power Boi said...

a) C++ programming does not make posts cool.


b) Funky post.


Anonymous said...

I think I have PPD too!
I loved your dad's response. I guess only daddys can come up with such lovely answers. :)

david santos said...

Have a nice weekend!!!!!!

Anoop said...

A psychiatrist!

*shakes his head*


purplestorm said...

Ze' Fish : C++? LOL!
It DOES show doenst it?

Swat :


David dude : Same to you.

Anoop :


Anoop said...

Dis ease of mind!

Its mind that wants to believe that what you have is the worst, dont let it take control!