Thursday, June 12, 2008

Running away, are we?

“Suicide is the most sincere form of self criticism”

Life is no easy affair. It never is. You try to make it easy, no-can-do... it still defies you.

I have little respect for people who kill themselves. The death rate might go up. But hey! It’ll be down the next minute. Why does ANYONE want to kill themselves? Huh? Running away from things? Why though? ‘Cause they cant face ‘em? Again, why?

Fleeing from a situation is no solution. You have one life. You might get snuffed the next minute anyway, so why take the trouble? It’ll be hard. You may cry your eyes dry. You may rant and rave around madly. But at least you can still see if people heard you. If you died, you wouldn’t know. ‘Cause we don’t know about afterlife. :|

I’ve heard people say that they’ll die, and then the others will be happy.
I ask, so? You want them to be happy? Try other means, dud! Why do you want to make THEM happy anyway? Because you love them? Oh.. that’s weird.

I’ve also heard people say that if they die, it’ll teach the others a lesson and make them all weepy.
I ask again, so? Big deal! If you stay, you can teach them more “lessons”. :| And maybe make them weepy more than once.

Enjoy your life. Sure it’ll have its rainy days. But as the old lady in the classic, save up for that rainy day.

Running away is NEVER a solution.


PS - This from a girl who,

1. Ran away from home in standard 2nd, cause her Mamma scolded her. She went to the house maid’s place, who later brought
her back.
2. Walked back from school before the morning assembly without informing anyone in standard 4th, cause the class teacher had punished her since a few days before, for having lied. She had lied because she didn’t want to be caned.
Yeah, she didn’t want the cane on her.

PPS - Ask my Mom if you don’t believe me. She reads my blog too.


Anoop said...

Suicide - Permanent solution for a temporary problem

Shame that people do it. And the worst was when one of my friends jumped from his home on third floor as he had not WRITTEN his paper well in 12th.

I still feel confused when I actually try to analyze his situation.

Shailesh said...

@Your post,
I disagree.
Yeah, one must live for himself & keep on enjoying the life in enthusiastic manner. :-)

@“Suicide is the most sincere form of self criticism”,

Hmm…wasn’t that one of the Sri Krishna’s wachans?

The person who knows absolutely nothing! said...

You know, I once wrote a suicide letter. I have never told anyone, I wonder why am I doing it.

But there is much more than just - I'll make others happy. Most of us see no future and thus, the great step, lets end it.

It'll always be stupid nevertheless.

PS: Running away is okay. But the fact is, you'll have to come back. Always.


purplestorm said...

Neha : But the fact is, you'll have to come back. Always.


Shailesh : ???

aniruddh said...

Enjoy your life. Sure it’ll have its rainy days. But as the old lady in the classic, save up for that rainy day.

the line is fantastic. i think you could have just posted it this much only and that would have been just fine. a wonderful way to end.
the post scripts were also quite a revelation. what were you doing thej? :D

purplestorm said...


And thats a secret!


Anonymous said...

your escapades are really hep!! LOL