Thursday, June 19, 2008

One life to live

My dear mother apparently thought I was on the phone in the wee hours of the morning. She kinda freaked out. I told her that I understood how she felt.

I put myself in her place and my 7 year old sis in mine.

I’d react the same way too, I guess. Or maybe not. Seeing that I am me, and not my mother.

Anyway, lets assume that I thought right.(Assuming that I DO react like my mother)

I’d ask her,

- Why was she on a convo at that time. Shouldn’t she be sleeping? Huh?

- Who was she talking to? Her friend? A stranger?(Very unlikely) Or someone else?

- What was the need to talk right then?

- DOES she know the consequences of it?

Now, knowing my shrewd sis, she’d have all the answers to it.
(Unlike me, I stumble at words in real life, most of the time.)

Now lets assume that I thought wrong.

I’d ask her the same questions.
But the results would be quite adverse...

I told my mother about this. I also told her that it would be one life that my sis would live to enjoy. So, I’d let it be.

Anyway, that’s what I felt, speaking like a late teen, almost in her twenties.


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Anoop said...


I think its natural to freak out. well, even while I chat at nights, my mom will be coming into my room!

And it kinda feels good!