Tuesday, April 15, 2008

That four letter word.

It all started with this text message a certain friend sent me on a busy afternoon. “Everyone is an a**hole.” it said. To which I replied, “Nearly ALL guys are Casanovas.” She said she agreed with me, after looking up the word ‘Casanova’. That message of mine, forwarded to a common friend, resulted in my posting of this topic. One thought and opinion of ours led to another and it finally stopped at the issue of “Love”. I happened to remember a certain line from one of Bon Jovi’s hits and mulled over it. I later sent the following text message to quite a few people.

“Read carefully and answer.

Is true love blind? OR Is blind love true?”

The replies I got (very few responded) are as put in below. Names have been with held.

Miss.S1. - Some how true love is blind seems to be more fitting. But then, blind love can also be true na? Sometimes I feel love is crap. Total. It is painful.

Well, MissS1, that’s neither here nor there. :))

Mr.N. - I think love blinds truth. Whatever tht means. Tch tch.

A personal favourite of the replies I got. :)

Mr.P. - If there is love then no need to be blind.. because love is jst a feeling an it dnt ask fr anything else.

Ok. Now that reply is from a guy who tries to be philosophically funny. Guess you get it. If you dint, sorry. :))

Miss.S2. - Love is nt true n love cnt b blind.

Dear Miss.S2, how much that reply shows about your take on the concept of love.

Miss.A1. - Love doesn exit..

Knowing about you, I wouldn’t have expected any thing less. It shows your insecurity and distrust I guess. What say?

Mr.A1. - Both are one and the same.

No they aren’t!!! Aw... come on now!

Miss.P. - Blind luv true

I see.

Miss.A2. - I have no idea friend. Will ask *a certain girl who is apparently going around with a guy* n tell you. :-D


Spoken like a true Miss.A2!

Mr.S. - (After much urging) True love is blind..

Being the true romantic that you are, I accept it. In your case. :))

Mr.A2. - (After much urging here too) The first one.

Expected. :)

Well folks! That’s what a few people thought. I hope they got the difference between the two questions, if there is any. I hope you, my dear reader, got it too.

My take? Is true love blind? If you do not see the consequences before hand, I’d say, yes it is. Is blind love true? Well, so said Bon Jovi!!!


Neither I guess.




I hope either Luke bhaiya or Shailesh comment on this.


Toodles every one!

And yes, I know I always seem too vague in my posts.


veedhi said...

That made for a really interesting read...

*Turns off the FM*

I spent quite some time trying to aptly differentiate between the two statements.
I think, as most others do, true love is essentially blind.

However, blind love may not always be true... But then, I've seen perfect illustrations of this case too... and that makes me believe that blind love is true.

*Turns on the FM*

I know, I'm weird.

Anonymous said...

I am really priviledged to feature in this post :-D
I still haven't got the difference. And I confused a coupla my friends in college too.LOL

Knight Of The Night said...

Cheerful Post.

So,Do I know any of these Mr's and Misses ??

P.S: Love is too controversial. :P

purplestorm said...

Vee : No you're not weird.

Its just that all of us feel the same!


purplestorm said...

Swat : :D

Param : Nopes. You dont know all of 'em. :P


Sunanda said...

True love is blind or "blind love is true"

In both cases you are blind.

The thing is that LOVE is never blind.

YOU love a person for who they are. and if you go blind you miss some aspect of their personality. then you dont love the person you love that gilded rather blinded image.


Luke Wanderer said...

True love (or is it just love?) is never blind. Its not love its the person in love who is generally "called" blind. I disagree. No one is blind. They see everything. They just choose to ignore it. Why, some may ask. The reason being that they are so in love with the other person that it doesnt bother them.

Blind love???? Is there even such a thing. I'm yet to see one.
There's some thing called blind date. Meaning you dont see your date before you meet him/her. So thinking of "blind love" in that context would mean loving someone without even being aware of their existence. Looks kinda stupid to me.

On second thoughts, blind love could also mean that you someone a lot. You're crazy about that person. Cant stand anything against him/her. To me thats obsession.

So to sum it up:
1. True love is not blind.
2. Blind love does not exist.

purplestorm said...

Luke bhaiya : Astutely put.

Amazing said...


That word drives me mad.
Love is a four letter word.
F*** too is a four letter word.

Both have deep connection.
Love fucks, love screws, love destroys you.

In short, love is something you must avoid until the age of 21

Love is fiction. Seems pretty in books.
And about that "Blind Love" and "Love Blind" thing..........I guess I cannot tell you. Never loved. Still I am trying:
I think true love is blind. But blind love is never true.

True love is blind cuz when you love someone, it should be unselfish. But if you love someone blindly, that can be dangerous. Here, "blindly" may also be without looking at the stakes that may go wrong if the person betrays. Look at Dhritarashtra. He loved his son blindly. And what did he get? The death of his sons.

Okay, I typed lots of crap.
If you understand what I posted, please scrap me. Because I didnt get a word I typed.


Shailesh said...

Love is blind. (Since, if you are in love, you want to live the life with full flow/passion)
Search for the true love, blind love true... all hypothetical concepts of a human mind…
Basically, love is ‘how much you care, your affection, lust, respect….for the other person’…
I mean how anyone can say ‘this girl is only made for me. We are the best pair....’
If you break with someone…well love hurts for sure…but, after that phase you’ll say ‘Tu na sahi, toh koi aur sahi’

purplestorm said...

Tomboy : I knew you'd comment!


all hypothetical concepts of a human mind…

Gotta mull over that one.

Sourish : But if you love someone blindly, that can be dangerous.

Agreed upon.


Nj Sam said...

Wow! Quite an interesting read. I've got to be honest with you- I've never read your blog until today and that too because you asked me to.

On with the topic.

Well, according to me true love IS blind. When you truly love someone you love them for exactly who they are- good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome ... whatever. That is unconditional love. That is TRUE love. That is what how parents love their kids. That is how the right person (when you've found them) will love you.

Blind love on the other hand ... well ... that would be more along the lines of just lust, wouldn't it? So, if that's the case ... then, no, blind love would never be true.

I'm really indecisive about the blind love part.

I hope it made sense. If it didn't don't blame me- I should be asleep now. Haven't slept properly in days!

PS: You have one more regular blog visitor starting now. :)

purplestorm said...

Nj dude : Looks like you got the difference between the two.


Flower Power Boi said...

Luke said it right...

q.1: How come females always have enough balance to message a bunch of people simultaneously?

q.2: I couldn't think of one, so I typed in a sentence instead of a question. Is that acceptable?


Arjun 'Samaadhi' Bharadwaj said...

If true love was blind, it would imply that Juliet would have thought Romeo to be blind, Laila would have thought that Mujnoo was blind, and since we are not uninfluenced by western civilization, Scarlett would have thought that Ashley was blind, and Rhett would have thought that Scarlett was Blind. :P I saw Gone with the Wind yesterday. And unless these ladies and Rhett were okay with their lovers being blind, which is their own personal choice, I don't think that the question arises. :P :D

If Blind Love is true, that is assuming that there exists a person, unfortunately named Love and if he/she was blind, I personally feel that he/she must be sent to a school for blind, as Love has to compete against normal people, like Hate, Peace and War.
Think about it :)

Or rather don't think about it. I am a jobless guy, who loves to blabber :D

purplestorm said...

Flower power boi :


Arjun : Nah! Will think about it anyway!


Anoop said...

True love is blind

I wont define true love here. When you talk about true love, yes its blind. You trust the on you love so much that you overlook other things. You go behind that person no matter where they lead you. Blind you are in love

Blind love is true

Blind love, according to me, is what I described above. No matter how that person is, what they do, you just love that person. They may lie, hurt(physically?), yet you blindly love. Thats again true love, unconditional.

So, both are one and the same.

purplestorm said...

So, both are one and the same.

The same answer again.