Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ah.. hello!

You're in control is there anywhere you wanna go?
You're in control is there anything you wanna know?
The future's for discovering.
The space in which we're traveling.

- Coldplay

I might have started boring you with this (iff you’ve read my previous posts, that is). But who cares! Get bored. Bah!

The recent turn of events in my life, have brought me back to the same question again. My purpose here? Or rather, what IS anybody’s purpose on this ‘planet’ that we call ‘earth’? Or on this humungous universe. Or whatever/wherever we are. If we actually ARE, that is. I’m starting to think that it’s all an illusion. But that’s not what I WANT to believe. But then again, there are very few things I actually believe in. I’ll prattle about that later.

I know that someday I’d be an... an.. Albert Einstein or a.. Rukmini Devi Arundale (People who know me in real life, go ahead, laugh. I am laughing too, anyway. :| ). Meaning that I’d someday be remembered through text books and more. Which is so very NOT likely. But so what?! Big deal! Bah!

What about the life that I’m living now? Questions without answers, you’d say. So? Look for some answers without questions, will ya dud?

I want to know what the heck am doing here. I’ve a good mind to stop everything that I’m doing right now and sit still for nearly 23 hours a day for a lifetime and see what happens. Apart from the obvious answers to that weird thought of mine, I’d appreciate a few logical, real, good, legible ones. (Legible? Yeah. You read it right. )

And no, it aint a paradox. :|


Anoop said...

Well, I love Milkybar choo and five star.

I love those who keep their promises


I am serious

P.S : I enjoyed immensely. Was refreshing and much better than the theory of "microwave transmission in ferrites"

P.P.S : That was a crappy comparision. Sorry!!


Sunanda said...

I want to know what the heck am doing here

All of us wonder.
But as it was said in Geeta...every object has its role in this universe, big or small...its significant.

When time comes, you'll know yours.


purplestorm said...

'Noopy : A promise is a promise!

Su : That was a lil' er.. philosophical.. from you!


Knight Of The Night said...

Bend a twig in time and change the life of even the most distant star.


purplestorm said...

Param : Ah.. from where did you flick that from?!


aniruddh said...

i read your blog for the first time. and let me be candid in telling you that i am neither an avid blogger nor blogophile.

i think this piece is what every one of our age would connect with and nod their heads quite involuntarily to. i think having read so many few blogs in my life (i am reading it out of boredom, i have few recommendations and even less to say. it was a nice frank disclosure (not a disclosure as such but yeah a.... whatever :P)

would definitely come back to this when i am bored again like today

purplestorm said...

DD : :o

Er... right.


Flower Power Boi said...

I read somewhere once, that if you sit contemplating the future and past, you lose your present...

Who cares what the end will lead one to, some one or the other will laugh at the ridiculousness of it...

veedhi said...

What are we here for, we all wonder...

Just that we need to keep taking steps in the direction that seems excoting and that fascinates us... we surely have something good in our destiny.

And I agree with the quote Su has posted from Geeta.


purplestorm said...

Who cares what the end will lead one to, some one or the other will laugh at the ridiculousness of it...

Good choice of word there.


we surely have something good in our destiny.

I hope so too.