Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Tell me this... who is that one special person whom who trust??? As in, complete conviction... It is to be noted that the answer to that question should be other than the obvious, explicitly speaking, your family members. And of course, the immortal.

If you did give an answer, then, my reaction would be ‘Huh? Really?’ If you dint, then I’d say, ‘Now you’re talking!’ (Yeah... sounds pretty weird, I know. But then again, very few things, and people for that matter, AREN’T weird...). Think that this blog entry seems to be a lil’ tacky? Well, if you do think so, ‘Your hitch it is, dud...not mine!!!’

I, for one, find it very hard to trust people. Let alone my friends! You just CAN’T trust any one. Unless you want to be conned, that is. I do admit that I’ve got little experience... of the ways of life. But then again, I can have my say, can’t I? The fact remains that people change. They change their ways of life, their attitude towards life and yes, their traits too! :D (Now that is seen often, you must agree.)

Like, you wear a new T and your close friend says, “Wow! It looks great on you!” (Not, ‘you look good in it’, mind). The next time you wear the same T, you get, “Eww! What a color! Take it off!” Leaves you enthralled, right? Or the time when you thought that your pal’s favorite band was Van Halen and the next day he tells you that its only hip-hop he listens to. (Let me tell you, there ARE such people out there... whats that word? ‘Posers’... right)Or better still (I ought to be using the word ‘worse’ here), you tell your inmost secret (yeah, go on, smirk) to your friend, and find that it comes back to you, customized, as someone else’s story, through the same friend in whom you confided in!

Perplexed would be an understatement here.

Waiting... I hate doing that. Oh! Yes I do. Very much, in fact. For someone who is punctual, I reckon it’s a challenge to wait. Wait on anything... or anyone. You stand near the local shop (or the canteen... J :D :P ), for hours together, only to realise that your friend isn’t gonna turn up at all. And yes, you stand...as in, yes, STAND... only to find its you who has been stood up against. (Am I confusing you here?) Or the time when your friend dint answer your calls, ( a hundred calls, mind), and she finally calls you back at the end of the day, saying that she was slumbering away, while you were worried sick. Or the time when your pal says that there are ‘rules’ to be followed and you later get to know that the rules incorporated a jaunt to the mall, sans you. Arrgh!

They say that change is for good... When you apply that to yourself, ‘course it is! But to others??? Don’t ask...!!!

The moral? Never trust anyone’s judgment. Better believe your own intuition.

You wouldn't want to end up like a broken glass.

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Anoop said...

First thing, fortunately, I do have friends whom I CAN trust with my inner-most secrets.

*waits for that comment*


And I agree with you on that poser thingy. Especially guys. Dunno about girls. And I am guy(Just so that you know :P)

I think you spoke my heart about the whole "waiting" thing. I too just hate waiting for everyone and everything.

Now, trusting other's judgment. I always ask 'opinions' from others. I think we tend to overlook certain aspects when we take decisions on our own. Its better to use "fresh eyes" if you can afford to. But in the end, it has to be YOUR choice and yours alone.