Monday, November 5, 2007





I was going through my blog, and saw that I’ve had certain... er... eccentric thoughts. Specifically, I am talking about the blog entry titled ‘Life’.
I mean, back then, I seem to have been searching for the purpose of my being here on this planet. As I re-read through it, I answered myself, “Purpose? Hell with it! I just want to live! Don’t ask me silly questions!” That’s how I spoke out loud. I don’t really know what the heck I am doing here, I agree, but then again, I guess I just want to make the best use of it!!! (Who wouldn’t?!) I mean, I could snuff it the next moment (read my previous blog entries, the one in which I talk about me being jittery). My future seems to be so...well...‘undecided’! But before I DO snuff it, I just want to be happy. Enjoy. Have fun. You know.

I read this novel ‘Abduction’, by a pretty well known author the other day. And to be frank, I was dumbfounded. The story spoke about two generations of human race. We, apparently, belong to the second generation. LOL! Trust me, it was a laugh!
Quite a good book.

I preferred ‘The last juror’ though.

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