Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Nearly a foot-long of my tresses went chop-chop today. It had been a year since I’d got a hair cut done. Before today, it reached below my waist. It now lies on my shoulders. I love it. The last time I had such short hair was in high school. Come to think of it, my hair was much shorter then. I think I look better now. In fact, I’m sure I look great!


All those who said that I’d never get my hair cut and those who said that I don’t look good, IN YOUR FACE!




Anoop said...

I shaved my beard today!(And they were very thick mind you)

And I too look good :P



purplestorm said...


You'll have to do that at least once a week na?

Cracker Lady said...


I get a haircute every 2 months. :|
I think college is the only time one can really experiment with everything. :D

aniruddh said...

i think i can beat you inthe hair length department now.

or may be not

or may be what the heck!

but yes, at least get a hair cut once in 3 months or so. thats what i do.

Anoop said...

No, actually twice a month minimum to keep it clean. If I leave it for a more than 4 days my mom starts off!!

Flower Power Boi said...




purplestorm said...