Monday, March 24, 2008

An arbit(rary) post.

I looked up the word “arbit”. Turned out it doesn’t exist. But the word “arbitrary” does. Bah!

I just finished re-reading “You belong to me” and “Remember me” by Mary Higgins Clark. My Grand Pa has a showcase full of novels. Every author is in there. Lee Child, John Grisham, David Baldacci, Frederick Forsythe, Jack Higgins, James Hadley Chase, Nelson DeMille, Harry Patterson, Richard Patterson, Vince Flynn, Colin Forbes, you name it. I stand in front of those thousands of novels and I fail to decide on which to read. What gives? I go back to re-reading JKR. Bleh!

Why do I pretend to be dumb? I mean, I realised it when my dear Aunt pointed it out to me. I wonder why I do that. Heck! I know am smart! And maybe a little intimidating too! Muahahahaa! :D

Swat thought I was hibernating. Was I? My Mom reads my blog, Swat. Period. :P =))

=)) That smiley. I seem to be using that a lot lately. Though I still love this one “ :D “ . This one, “ :) “ can be real annoying. Prat showed me that. :|

I seem to be singing “Another day in Paradise” a lot these days. The same goes for “She will be loved” and Chantal-something’s version of “Leaving on a jet plane”. Weird me.

*All my BAGS are PAcked, am ready to goOO. Am STANding right, outside your doOR. I HATE to wake you UP To say good byEEE*


Do you ever talk to yourself? ‘Course you do. You do that all the time, don’t you? Don’t worry. I do it too. It kinda helps in sorting out the plentiful thoughts in your head.


For now, anyway.

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