Thursday, January 17, 2008

Looking glass

My sister finally made it into the dance group for her school annual day. She now comes home really tired. On one such particular evening...

Sis : My leg’s hurting! (Tries her hand at wailing).
Mamma : Come here, I’ll make it go.
Sis : Is there moov? (She meant the balm)
Mamma : Yes, Papa has got a new tube.

*Mamma gets a phone call... *

Mamma : I’ll ask Papa to massage... I’ll be back.
Sis : No! you do it! (Puts on her long face)
Papa : Come here...

*Sis continues to wail*

*I take my gaze off the glass*

Me : Abhi, lets name them.
Sis : Tch! (Puts on a “My leg is paining... don’t talk silly” look)
Me : Come on... look, we’ll start with these two.

*Papa escapes*

Sis : Ok.. we’ll name them “Angel”
Me : But there are two of them...
Sis : They are alike!
Me : No.. see this one? It’s got a few streaks of white on it.

*Sis takes a closer look*

Sis : Right akka!
Me : I told you...
Sis : ok.. one is Angel.
Me : Other? Fairy?
Sis : No... “Angie”
Me : Angie sounds silly... Fairy

*Sis ponders for a few moments..*

Sis : Ok.. Fairy and Angel... the full black one is Angel.. the one with the white streaks is Fairy.
Me : Ok!

*Sis smiles... the aching of the leg long forgotten...*

Sis : See... Angel and Fairy are always together...! They don’t move... lazy they are!
Me : I know! (Grins)
Sis : What shall we name the others? The orange one? Lets call it “ Pony”!

*I don’t voice out my thought that a “Pony” suits a horse better*

Me : Ok.. whatever.

*Sis smiles... I smile back...*
*Mamma comes back and sits next to her... I tell her in sign language about the forgotten leg pain... Mamma smiles*

*I continue gazing through the glass whilst my Sis tries her best at naming the rest of them*


Knight Of The Night said...

Nice thinking..........

Which class your sister in ?

purplestorm said...

Take a wild guess! :P

manasa said...

really cute..
its really nice to see the way u handled the whole situation...
shows wht a patient and caring sis u r....

purplestorm said...

Aw... Manaa!


Knight Of The Night said...

wild guess ,eh?

hmmmmmmm, 8th ?

purplestorm said...





Knight Of The Night said...

2nd !!!!!!!! :O

Akshata said...

Your sister is in the school that taught me too ;) That's why she's like me. :D

What were you trying to name? I didn't catch that part..

Cute though. :)

purplestorm said...

Aksie : Um.. You've got the wrong sis..
My cousin is in your school!


Arjun Bharadwaj said...


Nice post, Ms. Purplestorm. Your dad reminds me of myself, always trying to escape from such situations. =))

Đžidhi S said...

heheeh....well happens all the time..evn i hv got a young sis...

Anoop said...


Guess what I am the youngest in my home :P

Really nice thinking :)