Sunday, January 6, 2008


Have you ever speculated what life is about?

Or who you are?

It’s not about you being a human or a female or a male or any of the customary answers to that question...

Ever wondered what you are doing here? Ah, I can see some of your sullied minds working fervidly...

Try giving it a rational answer.

Can you? I think not...

Where DID you come from anyway? Oh yeah... right. Darwin’s theory. So... from the water

But what the heck ARE you doing here??

You are born, enjoyed your childhood. Then you grow up ... you keep growing up till one day you are gone... just like that. Done. Over. No more! But life goes on as usual for others. Few people might bewail your death. Fewer will remember you.

So let’s see. You pass out of your school with soaring marks in academics. Why? Ah, you’ve gotta get a place in a ‘good’ college. Then? You trudge for a few years, trying your best to advance in the path of your line of career interest.
Get a job. Work for a few decades. Increasing your family unit as you age. Stock up a certain amount of affluence for them.

Aggravate your health on the way... and BOOM! You are gone! Then? What happens

What IS the rationale of your life? Why do you have to accomplish those plentiful things? For that fleeting contentment?
We had a lesson in English. The scurrying of ants on this ‘huge’ earth is nothing compared to what is happening out there in the universe. One sentence “It’s like an atom in the universe... in a universe of atoms... “.

Your feat of things is such a trivial fixation on this universe. Uh huh... it IS!
Believe it!

Sure there are people who might say something like, “Life is short... enjoy it to its full degree, while you still can!”...

Yeah right!!! :P

You have absolutely NO idea as to what lays ahead for you...! No... Not those everyday ‘Nostradamus’ or... or whatever-you-think!

I, for one, have mixed thoughts on this... Sure my family comes first for me... But the thing is, I keep coming back to the same question... the purpose of my living here? What is it!? Huh?

Any aliens out there? No one knows... what the heck!

Any one who can give me an answer?

DON’T give me that “God made you... you are his child... “, reply!

Atheist, agnostic, call me whatever you want... I’d rather go for something with proof!

Sheesh! I haven’t found an answer... maybe you can help me out!

Incongruously, am listening to “It’s my life” as I type out my forlorn thoughts!


Knight Of The Night said...

Well, If u get an answer ,do tell me too ;)

purplestorm said...


zuko said...

Some years ago, I also thought in the same way. What is the meaning of life? Why do I have to try for getting highest score in the class? If you get it it’s fine. Otherwise, nope, Not at all. Family says ‘itz okk son you did your best!’ But, you can see them behaving differently. (i'm not boasting bcoz i'm not proud of tht life)

Let me jump from da local train n’ then I will be free. I know I have to be responsible n’ take care of my parents’ n’ younger brothers. But, do I seriously care? Nope.

That was years ago. I was tired of studying. Let it be over; for that I denied medical field against my father’s will. (He’s hard core Surgeon. I don’t blame him.) I don top nowadays. In fact I got two kts in 1st year. I din care any more.
Now I think bit differently. I’m older n’ take life easily now I wish to study beyond graduation. I believed in love. But, I know I will have to do arrange marriage.

In short, life is nothing more than adjustment. What if after 10 years, you are bored of your job? What if you hate your life partner’s face? These things are bound to happen.

You have to give your best shot n’ prepare for the worst. Otherwise, you can end your life like a hero. Yes, suicide takes either a stupid mind or lot of courage. Not an easiest thing to do.

Some might say life is challenge. Well it is. Others will say it is usual annoying experience. Then also you are right. It is up to you what do you really think.


p.s.1: y on da earth am I boring you? Wel, wen I searched around ne1 suffered n’ thot lyk me n’ I thot I was fool to think in tht perspective. I’m glad I hv found another fool.

p.s. 2: plz delete this if u don lyk it.

p.s.3 : this is not lyk ‘zindagi ki kahaani’ n’ don’ start searchin’ the identity of this poor fella.

p.s. 4: I don hv ps4. nor do I hv ps1. I lyk pc gaming. :D

purplestorm said...


Well, fools is a wrong word there. Its just that, if you really think about your very being here, you have no idea where you are heading!

No... dont talk about destiny either.

That's just a name we've given to the we-are-meant-to-do-this and its-our-written-goal... whatever.

Adjustment? sure. But for what purpose??

Some might say life is challenge. Well it is. Others will say it is usual annoying experience. Then also you are right.

Cant argue with that.

zuko said...

Nope Thej, ‘fool’ is indeed a right word. Guys who think out of imagination are not normal. They have to convert themselves into normal people.

I won’t say it-is-my-destiny-to-live-this-life. I could have been a totally different phenomenon. What if my father was beggar in Bhutan or what if I would have been son of Bill Gates? Nope, I’m not complaining. But, it is a fact.

Adjustment: There are two types. Either you have to laugh at those boring non-sense PJs of the people you think err…’worthless’ n’ flirt with those err…stupid galz (sometimes it is fun. But, that’s what I mean. At that moment I’m a normal youth) or you have to live uncomfortably with those persons with higher mental ability. Both are frustrating.

Another thing, these are not my final words. It would be stupid to end the life after these many years of err… adaptation to the rules bombarded by human community; especially Indian Hindu samaaj. I love the way I live n’ handle every single situation. e.g. writing a comment to the person you think is of higher level like you. (I’m not flattering to you. I believe in levels. e.g. I think I hv better mind setting thn v. now, don’t tell her tht.)

May be, I am on the right path. Who knows, I will be happiest man on this earth after 30 years.

‘Why do we have to live this life?’ Can’t it get better? No one can answer these questions.

You have to live every day n’ have to live it in your own way. It can be done either by studying whole day or spending with the one you love or jus’ go coll, laugh wid frnds, curse teaching staff n’ watch movie at da week end.


p.s.: y r we talkin’ such things we both noe r err… useless. Whatever we say abt lyf, we r indeed going to follow the same way lyk the person who is sitting on da third bench in da class!

purplestorm said...

Ok ok.. but I still do not get it!

Once you are gone... well, you are gone. Over.

What is the point of it?

enjoy every moment? Sure... but what happens afterwards? Nothing!Oh wait... and then you die.

zuko said...

if u want to noe wat happens afta death, y don u try it????

this is totally hypothetical stuff.

purplestorm said...

After death?

Zuks! I dont wanna know what happens
after... am just more mulling over the fact that once am gone from this world, its over. Done. Period.

Anoop said...

I think about this atleast two times a day. Worthless is the word I get as answer everytime. But whenever I think in that line, I get depressed. One of those question that cannot be answered.

Who created universe? Where exactly is this universe located? Space? What space? What would happen if we were NOT on this universe or any of those parallel universes? Where would we be?

Here is a crazy theoy

Death. Einstein. Mass <--> energy

When we die, will we be converted into energy and redistributed in the universe?

Think of us as machines. We are "built" from the conversion of energy into mass. Plants use sun's energy and mothers eat plants.(For non veg, their food will have eaten plants). So, basically we are biological robots who do things coz they have to. Stimulated by the various feelings of the heart. Then after all the time here, we die. Rot and become food to microbes thus converting back to energy when they release it. Or, get burnt. Either ways go back to where we came from.

But, as to what or "who" initiated such a system? I am clueless

purplestorm said...

Death. Einstein. Mass <--> energy

When we die, will we be converted into energy and redistributed in the universe?



That hadn't crossed my mind.

Yes, I think we are, after all, biological "robots".