Saturday, February 11, 2012

Of Clichéd Sayings

Proverbs and sayings are being used at an alarming rate. What is scary is that the entire meaning of that phrase itself becomes either overly dramatised or ignored all together. My good friend quoted one recently. “History repeats itself," she said. Now, what can you possibly make of this sentence? That something that occurred at least once before will occur again?

Two events may be similar in more ways than one, but are not the same, per say. Similar, yes, but in the most subtle of things. Things remind you of certain occurrences of the past. Sometimes, it’s all more than just a déjà vu. But are they repeated events, literally? Of course not. Two events are never the same. If that is so, then why do similar things keep happening? I’d say it’s because we let them happen so. We tend do the things in the most comfortable of ways that we are used to doing and thus, we ourselves lead these events to take place all over again. And we are so busy in this process that we don’t even realise doing so. It is only when the event has been done, that we shrug and say,”Yeah well, history repeats itself.” The irony.

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