Monday, November 10, 2008

Us 'wimmen'

‘Women are prone to over analyzing. We think too much. In fact we think so much that we create entire imaginary scenarios revolving around minuscule actions. We look for hidden meanings. We relish mixed signals.
And... we praise the day text messaging was invented because that day marked a whole new way to over analyze a non-existent tone by way of texting.’

That, dear blog-visitors, was quoted by a good friend of mine over a text message. It is with her consent that I have used it here. Pretty nice, huh?

Being a girl myself, I tend to agree with that.
Final Destination 3 was on TV today and I couldn’t help but draw parallels to the character of the girl in the movie, wherein she looks for hidden but obvious clues in the photographs taken in the amusement park to escape death, to the ways of the mind of a normal girl in real life.
We do tend to assess too much of very little data. We tend to think way out of the box. We cross lines. And as Joey puts it, we are so far from the line that the line is a dot to us. (Sorry, but I HAD to put that in. =)) ). We have little patience. Oh no... don’t get us wrong. When and if there is a crisis, we’ll keep our cool. It’s the little things that boil us up. We struggle around in the quick sand knowing very well that it’s not of much use. We don’t care. As long as we try, we’re happy. We like individuality, much as we lean towards comparing ourselves with others. We aren’t dumb, though the PH’s of the society are an exception. We are good at words. We might be inclined to read through the book at the first go itself, but hey, we at least understand it.


Oh, and if you’re interested, the SCUM Manifesto. You might already have heard about it though.



Pooja said...

Ooooooh and we are Pretty!!

purplestorm said...

And that too.

Anonymous said...

I got that message too! And yeah, I agree w/ that ! And with what Pooja says now as well ;)

Anoop said...

Over analyzing is one thing, but drawing conclusions based on such an analysis of data at hand is other. The latter is what that should be avoided as it would turn one into a judgmental person, which is not a good thing.

Also googled SCUM manifesto. Not a pleasant read


Flower Power Boi said...

SCUM scares me, because it makes a lot of sense.

I don't know about women, they aren't easy to understand. But they make a lot of sense.