Friday, August 1, 2008


Grey clouds roofed the vast sky. Winds at high speeds were directed in one course by the angry heavens above. The vicinity looked deserted till the horizon. No birds flew. The little vegetation present swayed silently as though there was a kind of absolute stillness in the chaotic atmosphere. The dark waters of the raging sea drew a contrast in color to the shimmering sand that bordered it. The blowing winds carried the whiff of the saline water.
The nymph stood in a graceful poise by the water such that the gushing waves thinned out at her feet. She held her hands against her chest with her fingers interlocked. Her long white gown rippled to the strong breeze, her dark hair not framing her delicate features. With her neck arched at an angle of self repose, she gazed at the thin horizon beyond the turbulent sea.
The heavy winds threatened to quaver her. The streaks of lightning and the claps of thunder fiercely promised to let the dark clouds open up. Specks of the frosty sea water cooled her fevered skin. Her brown eyes sparkled with an unusual fervor at the contemplation of what lay ahead.
She took her gaze off the waters and looked at the clouds above. The skies lit up with the increasingly continuous flashes of lightning. The winds billowed and howled. Yet she stood still, never altering her stance. Thick drops of rain water splattered on her face. The water washed away her silent tears, while a smile played on her lips.
The vicious weather swore to never cease, the sea to never let her down. And the nymph stood there for eternity.


Anoop said...

I was able to see the whole scene as I read it!

And actually feel the emotion!

Brilliantly done :)

THE HUB said...

wow..nice one.
Great work.
Fantastic ..Comrade..

Akshata said...

Why do you like italic font? :d

She = you. I know I know ;)

aniruddh said...

engrossing and mysterious

engrossing was the prose but mysterious was the motive and the inspiration.

"me" is an apt tag and i think that simplifies the mystery :)

purplestorm said...

Anoop and Sorcy : Thank you.

Aksie : Because its "slant".

DD : Ah.. the motive and the inspiration.
Thats the key to the post.


Anonymous said...

Mmm, mmm, mmmmm, nice imagery!!!

Me likey!!

Seriously, Thej, that was some visual that was evoked in my mind seeing that.
Maybe if I read it again and again I'll fall in love with it and then make a portrait of that nymph and send ya ^_^ XD