Thursday, February 14, 2008


College life. If you were to give it a single name, or rather, describe it with an adjective, what would it be? I cant think of any. :| I’ve met an assortment of people, portraying different personas in my degree college. Here are a few of ‘em. Mind, they are in no particular order.

Libby - Sits right in the front, right beside the door. Handy for a quick escape. She’s ok. :P

- Juvenile.

Febina - One of the first girls who spoke to me. I still remember her extending out her hand and introducing herself. Now, every other time she sees me, gives me a hug and a peck on my check.

- Innocent, apparently.

Aditya - Sits next to the window. Not so handy for a quick escape. Thinks I dominate him, like whatever that means. :|

- Bah!

Elluru - Shilpa. She likes swapping “buzz”. Tags Bisha like, forever.

- Vulnerable.

Bisha - Another front bencher. A real funny girl. Loves to have fun. Plays "Mamma" for us sometimes. =))

- Double juvenile.

Shubham - A nice guy.Tries to be real funny. Succeeds a few times. But I like him. Period. He and Ankit share a flat, where I hope to cook sometime. =)

- Irritable, but likable also.

Ankit - Labeled as the “Class Flirt”. A real nice guy. Always a ready smile on his face. Aids Shubham on his spree of irritating us all.

- Funny.

Smitha - One girl who’s quite hard to understand. ‘Nough said.

- Perplexing.

Pandu - Oye Pandu! :D A guy who minds his stuff. I forget that bag of his. :D And yeah, a great dancer!!! =))

- Oye!

Akshay - The CR. I emphasize that a lot.. and a lot of times. :P Vibes, is what I get. *shudders*

- Quiet.

Soumya - Another of my good friends. Keeps reminding me to wear my shades. Er.. my spectacles. :P :|

- Trusty.

Viju - Sticks to the point. I like that.

- :)

Barsha - Dresses like a tomboy. Might even be one. I do like her, though. :)

- Friendly enough.

Priya - :D Speaks out. Bunks every other math class. Bah! Bunks every other class.

- Nice. =))

Shalu - A really really quiet girl. Shhh.. don’t talk. I cant hear her talking.

- An ideal student.

Mishra - Ashwani. Plays a lot of pranks on the others. I call him by his surname. Be wary of your cell phone!

- Mishra bhai! :)

Aakash - Known him for more than 2 years now. We don’t talk about our different pasts.

- A not-lost friend.

Ramya - I want to be as tall as her! :( A girl who shares my thoughts, most of the time, anyway.

- Tall!!!

Kishen - A sportsman. Like, into sports.

- Umm..

Akash - The laugh riot of the class, if I may say so. His smile makes you think of all silly things. Played volleyball grinning.

- LOL!

All of them are really really really good. I love them all.

I know I’ve missed out on most of you guys ( Like you’ll ever read this). But hey! I might remember you like, forever.



Ajith said...

WoW ... thats awesome ...

Seems it is a good overview of the members in ur class ....

purplestorm said...


Anonymous said...

Wow thej, y dont u do one about PUC people? :p

purplestorm said...

Swat.. PU people?

It'll be waaaaaaayyyyyy too hilarious.

If you get my drift, that is!